Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seventh Grade Personality Disorder

In seventh grade there were a bunch of bullies who liked to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it and they went around organizing the others with them to gang up.  It seems that some people never outgrow that mentality. 

It is true that I signed up for the stitch it up blog hop.  I paid $10 for the mini balls of pearl cotton and received some sample embroidery designs.  I did not know what I would be getting when I signed up. The pearl cotton would not go through the needles that came with it.  I broke every needle threader I had trying to get the stupid stuff to go through, then someone suggested chenille needles (which didn't come with it).  I went out and bought chenille needles which I was (with a lot of difficulty) able to get threaded but pulling the needle and thread through the fabric was not easy and after awhile my fingers started to bleed.  The sample designs weren't very interesting and I pretty much gave up on the whole concept.  It is also true that I did not announce this.   I received a demand from Samantha Geen through Paypal that I pay another $10 for the embroidery designs.  I canceled the paypal request and got an email demand for the money that I supposedly owed.  When I responded that I did not care for the embroidery designs, Samantha Geen sent my personal email address to a huge list of people, defaming me, and listing what she thinks are my blogs.  I do not own, nor have I ever claimed to own Stitches and Seams, Frabjous Couture, or The Strawberry Milk Run.  Since I'm such a horrible person(for not participating in Ms. Geen's little hop), associating those blogs with me must be a huge defamation of those persons. 

To those of you who received the stupidity from Ms. Geen, I personally apologize for her.  I don't apologize for me, I didn't want to write a negative blogpost about her designs or whatever but I'm human and didn't get around to withdrawing officially.

I can only hope that you are all older than 7th grade and never, ever have to deal with this type juvenile mentality.